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Our two-day festival events draw thousands of people to town and every season we count on volunteerism to help us host these amazing events for the Town of Occoquan. Your help is very much appreciated.


  • Shifts vary , but typically last about 3 hours.

  • Volunteers will be supplied with a lunch voucher and volunteer t-shirt.

  • Help is needed in multiple areas: Shuttle Stop, Vendor Assistance, Information Booth, Set Up, and Flex.


If you have questions, please email

Thank you for your support!

Festival Volunteer

Job Descriptions


Vendor Assistance Team

Volunteers are needed to assist vendors during the show. Volunteers will walk the streets of the show to ensure vendor questions and concerns are addressed. Volunteers may be asked to “booth sit” for breaks and vendors very much appreciate being cared for by our volunteers in this way. 

Shuttle Stop Team

Volunteers will ensure that each patron over the age of 12 that rides the shuttle pays the $8.00 round-trip shuttle fare upon drop off at the festival and receives a stamp allowing them into the show and indicating what stop to which they should return in order to board the shuttle back to the lot. Experience with handling money is preferred.


Information Booth Team

Love people and love our Town? Become an Occoquan Ambassador! Help us staff an information booth on site to help answer questions for festival patrons and share the many fun things happening in town all season long.

Flex Team

We consider this group the most “flexible” volunteers. These volunteers need to be ready to go wherever they are needed during their shift. These volunteers will be used to “fill in” for volunteers who do not show up or to cover last minute emergency needs.


Set Up Team

Saturday morning set up includes helping staff set tables, tents, and chairs in River Mill Park, at locations along the streets, and at shuttle bus stops.

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